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hi All I have painted those graphics for Turkish Airlines A320 and British Airways A380 but I don't know how to code them into paks for pak 192 ? can someone tell me how ? thank you Smile
You need the graphics and for each object a file with parameters. Size of single graphics should conform to your pakset. In your first graphic every single graphic has a size of 256x256 pixels, but i didn´t know any pak256***. Second graphic you can use directly for pak192...comic for example.

Create the .dat file:
Generally information for dat-file-parameters you can find at
Here an example (not tested) , if your second graphic named A320.png you can copy the parameters into a text-file with extension .dat, maybe a320turkish.dat.
Specific parameters for your vehicle you should change to the values of the A320, here are power, wight.... from a Boeing(?).

#next line the program need for every vehicle
#name of your vehicle
#name of the artist
#price in depots will set to 1/100 of this value
#price per kilometer will set to 1/100 of this value
# i´m not sure, i think here only works the german Parameter for passengers
# max passengers can loaded, if you create vehicles for passenger-transportation
#in KW, not HP
#increase this value, your vehicle will faster reach maximum speed
#in kilomerters per hour
# in tons
# more useful for vehicles with trailers, you can control distance between
# for example truck and trailer
# beware to set this parameters to high for planes, maybe your plane than need
# more than one field to load, but its not possible ingame
# look at the sound-folder in your pak, maybe there exist a
# inside you can found numbers for the sound-files, you can use here
# smoke=
# constraints you should use for vehicles with trailers
# to work your graphic needs the name A320T.png or you have to change "A320T" to the name of your graphic, value behind graphic name
# identify line and row for each single-graphic
# only useful if you painted discrete graphics for a loaded vehicle

Lines started with # are only comments, you can delete them.

Now you have your grahics and your dat-file.
To compile them for the game, you need the program makeobj:

Easy way to compile: Copy your .png and the .dat in the same folder, like makeobj.
Start a command-line.
Change to your makeobj-folder.
Enter makeobj <paksetname>, i´d never created objects for pak192.comic, but makeobj pak192.comic should work (or without point?).
Makeobj should compile all files found in your makeobj-folder.
Copy the created .pak-file(s) in your pakset-folder in simutrans-directory and start the game.

School is out since over 30years, hard to write in english Smile.


Thank you for your instructions Smile it is a bit complicated process , I will try to do it and if I have questions I will ask Smile
Only complicated at the first times Smile.

Maybe helpful: For pak192.comic so far as I know outside of this forum doesn´t exist a central source-location. But for pak128 you can find it on

There you can find the .dat-files for many objects and associated graphics. Great to look how it works and you can copy the .dats and change it for your own objects.


dear sir I have the PNG and DAT file but the makeobj tool is not functioning . could you help me please what to do ? I thank you


hi I am following the instructions but the file created is just 1KB size so something wrong . how can I fix that ? Thank you
I smell repaints of A350-1000's work. As such, it's probably best to ask the original creator for the original dat files, since the specification should be the same and only name/image is different.

Pumuckl999,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=111409#post111409' schrieb:You need the graphics and for each object a file with parameters. Size of single graphics should conform to your pakset. In your first graphic every single graphic has a size of 256x256 pixels, but i didn´t know any pak256***.
You can use any graphic of any size in any pakset, you just have to pak it as eg. pak256 in makeobj (no need to specify the pakset, makeobj only cares about tile size) - however, objects that are not the right size won't be centered on the tile, thus one needs to specify an offset... and that's where it becomes a bit more complicated then a beginner should deal with first time-


hi First of all Thank you so much for your kind help Smile I have the original DAT files , I will do some more trials and if I faced a difficulty I will inform by posting it .


Dear I want to kindly ask what I should write as per attached photo in order to get correct pak file ? Thank you Smile
"makeobj pak192" for the smaller plane and "makeobj pak256" for the bigger plane. Furthermore, check if all image references in the dat file refer to "TurkishA320" since that's the name of the png.
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