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Simutrans 100.0
So, hier also die Version, die alles hat, was SImutrans 1.0 meiner Meinung haben sollte: Grundobjekte (Blümchen, Felsen), Schafe und Vögel, mehr Statistiken, Speedbonus aus Datei, Editor vollständiger, Spielziele. Leider ist pak128 sehr langsam, weswegen auch zwei Monate nachd er neuen Menüstruktur immer noch keine Anstrengungen dort gelaufen sind.

Windows native (neu) (braucht unicows.dll auf Win9x)
Window mit SDL (neu)
Linux mit SDL und SDL_mixer (neu)
BeOS mit Allegro (neu)
PowerMac mit SDL (neu) (braucht SDL framework)

pak64 Basis (neu)
64pak Lebensmittelkette (neu)
64pak Müllverbrennung

pak Hajo
pak HAJO (neu)

geht nicht

makeobj 49
Ein makeobj für PowerPC kann man theoretisch übersetzen: Allerdings klappte es bei mir in der Praxis nicht.

Release of 100.0 (r1867, stable)

FIX: rotated twonhalls could lead to crashes
CHANGE: show connected stops at factory again
ADD: factory edit modus after patch from z9999
FIX: removing of wayobj in tunnel or on bridges left wrong top speed.
ADD: factory link tool from z9999
ADD: attraction built tool from z9999
ADD: citybuilding builder inspired by z9999
ADD: tree planting tool inspired by z9999
FIX: trees are now correctly sorted by the internal tile positions (before were shadow problems)
CHANGE: smoother zoom out (experimental)
FIX: x-offset for images should finally work
ADD: following zoom-levels are now supported 1.5:1, 1.33:1, 1:1, 0.75:1, 0.66:1, 0.5:1, 0.33:1, 0.25:1 (maximum tile size zoomed in is 254!)
FIX: no cars entring railroad crossings when the apparently cannot exit (may fail with crossings followin immediately)
FIX: no citycars entring a crossing, if there is no exit
FIX: convois created by copying had no home depot
FIX: during zoomout, the tiles were clipped 32 pixels too early
FIX: rotation of buildings with layout>4 corrected
ADD: more statistics for world (see in citylist)
FIX: show signals again in minimap
ADD: preliminary support for automatic configuration, clarification of the licence
CHANGE: maintance of player buildings now depends on its level
FIX: reloading with no matching buildings for a climate could lead to crashes
CHANGE: smoother movements of vehicles in all sizes and zoomlevels
FIX: powerlines destroy on fileds during loading
CHANGE: all traffic lights have now synchronized phases
ADD: new parameter in tree_climates for climates with at least one tree per tile and no_tree_climates for the reverse
ADD: new parameter for "minimum_building_desity" in percent: if the area covered by buldings is less than this, the city borders will not increase => more compact cities, not fading out along a single street (default: 25)
CHANGE: completely renovated schedule entering window
CHANGE: logarithmic traffic density display in minimap
CHANGE: cst_depot_air for charging air_depot
CHANGE: less subtypes for stops and depot (halfway)
CHANGE: neu customable toolbars (90%) (see pak64/config/
FIX: schedule window last line was not selectable
ADD: waytypes narrowgauge_track and maglev_track now functional
FIX: trains with freight_type but total load==0 were still creating connections (caotic)
CHANGE: groundobj for new map again (z9999)
CHANGE: seasons for groundobj and movingobj (z9999)
CHANGE: enables all map edit tools again (z9999)
FIX: random rotation building problem (z9999)
FIX: initialize tool (z9999)
FIX: check climate for tree (z9999)
FIX: tree cost (z9999)
FIX: power for low producing factory (z9999)
ADD: Fill trees tool (z9999)
ADD: Add forest tool (z9999)
ADD: Add random city car tool (z9999)
ADD: option to start without trees (z9999)
ADD: max. speed information on depot window (z9999)
CHANGE: allow any key for command, include #99999 (decimal code), ^A (Control A), F99 (F1-F15), COMMA (,)
CHANGE: allow for < and > to be used in flowtexts
ADD: stop mover tool (mostly z9999) tilewise for road, stopwise for water/air and platformwise for rail bound vehicles
ADD: AI builts airports (sometimes still too close to border) and uses them more or less wisely
FIX: no factories/attractions under monorail or powerlines and thus no disruption of them
FIX: waypoints under/over stops were treated as stops for good routing
CHANGE: all stops are now given more or less unique names. First factories,
then buildings, then ?standard, where "?" is 1..9 or A...Z (if available)
and standard is center, extern or suburb the later with one of the german
directions nord, sued, west, ost, nordwest, ... If failed, it will be a
numbered stop (translators: please translate on simutranslator!)
CHANGE: deduct maintenance at the beginning of a month => no sudden dropping below zero any more
CHANGE: no zooming in/out of vehicle images in depot and lists
CHANGE: speedbonus taken now from config/ (if present)
ADD: scenarios (i.e. you can play for a goal), bankrupt only after net wealth is below zero
CHANGE: scenario can have an additional factor for difficulty
CHANGE: more description of files before loading (ppm/scenario)
CHANGE: -debug parameter now takes a debug level (1,2,3,4 for errors only, warnings only, all messages,debug special messages)
ADD: highlight selected toolbars/tools

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