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Simutrans 120.3 und neues Makeobj
Die neueste Version von Simutrans liegt auf SourceForge zum download bereit.
Release of 120.3 (r8503 on 15-June-2018):
ADD: new blue-white theme
ADD: new general tool 40 which rotates buildings
ADD: scenario_info now dialog tool nummer 31
ADD: Support Truetype fonts on windows up to 19 pts. For MAC and Linux support there is a way needed to find the font path.
ADD: Server can be now started at the UI when loading a game.
ADD: switch -easyserver on commandline to host a game with dynamic IP behind a router
FIX: crash when resizing isometric minimap
FIX: problems with scrolled lists
ADD: (Ichou) force replacement of wayobj by holding ctrl key while building
ADD: (THLeader) long convoi patch
FIX: removed line management window memory leaks
ADD: animated pedestrians, parameters:
steps_per_frame (internal steps per frame, straight movement across tile is 256 steps)
image[dir][a] (dir - direction, a - animation counter, a=0,1,..)
CHG: pedestrian movement, new dat parameter:
offset (of pedestrian image relative to right tile boundary, 0..255, default 20, 0 = on the right edge of tile, 128 = on center line of tile
FIX: corrected container UI component focus logic (fixes )
FIX: added redraw logic for field removal (fixes )
FIX: added Unicode file path support for Windows builds
FIX: removed Windows builds file search resource leak
FIX: improved Windows build clipboard Unicode parsing
ADD: sorting in depot (HyperSim)
FIX: factories which gain or lose fields should no longer have a chance to break with JIT2 (fixes )
ADD: sync step barrier for multiplayer clients to prevent them running ahead of the server in the case of an unreliable connection
CHG: various multiplayer related settings have been given more reliable default values
FIX: fullscreen Windows GDI no longer alters display area when alt+tab cycled
ADD: JIT2 demand based production rate scaling
CHG: changed factory information view to be easier to understand, especially when operating with JIT2
CHG: speed can be directly selected in goods dialogue
FIX: consistent and wider climate borders, also other waterlevels than -2 when loading a relief map

Makeobj steht hier zum download bereit

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